Giorgi Tabatadze

Monument to An Unknown User 2014 The idea of the project is based on an image of a vacant portrait that in social media signifies an unknown user or a profile without a photo. In the context of social media the image is easily recognized and does not require additional explanation. With his installation in the window project Giorgi Tabatadze investigates what this image/icon looks like when presented as a three dimensional object. The process of “translation” brings to light contradiction between two modes of public space; namely traditional public space and new modes of public space offered by social media. These two cannot be simply and easily translated into each other. For instance, how much information is condensed in order to translate physical person into a virtual world of social media? The same can be applied to discussions and forums in social media. Do they fully translate complex social and cultural relations unfolding in real world? Monument to An Unknown User is a clear example of such conflict between virtual and real worlds and underlines the impossibility of an adequate “translation.” Giorgi Tabatadze's presentation of a bust of an unknown user in a public space, window gallery, shows us that these symbols can only exist in the virtual space of social media. Giorgi Tabatadze received his education in Georgia and Holland. He has been working on public art projects since 2005. The artist was twice a recipient of OSGF’s grant and as a result he was able to realize Mediagraffiti, one of the best public art projects in Tbilisi.