Alfred Epitashvili
Magical World Geometric Paper boxes

Alfred Epotashvili

The Amazing World of Alfred Epitashvili 2013 Alfred Epitashvili (born 1933), is a specialist of Applied Geometry and Graphic Design. He has authored numerous research publications on graphic-geometric studies and made significant contributions to the development of graphic language in Georgia. However, his pedagogical activity is also an important part of his oeuvre. On the walls of the art academy there is a graffiti portrait of Mr. Epitashvili that says “The amazing world of Alfred Epitashvili. “ Window Project offers you a small part of this “amazing world.” The author has made up to three hundred geometric paper models. The models are made from a single sheet of paper, folded with geometric precision that ultimately results in a spatial figure. Each one is unique. The technique is similar to Japanese Origami but Alfred Epitashvili’s figures were made during the mid 20th century behind the iron curtain and he was not aware of his technique’s connection to Japanese tradition. For the author each vase/figure is an original solution to a complicated geometric problem. Alfred Epitashvili’s works may appear decorative but the concept behind each of them is unique and special. Installation by Sandro Sulaberidze & co.